how to’s

Ok, the plan is to fill this page with useful tutorials and code snippets that I think might help make both your site and its web marketing efforts more effective.

I might also knock up a tut or 2 as the mood takes me. If you’d like to offer up anything constructive or corrective then I’d love to hear all about.  🙂

How to build a data driven website part 1

How to build a database driven website part 2



2 Responses

  1. Hi Rob. These 2 guides are very usefull but my PHP script craches and I don’t know where is my mistake :). When you will publish the 3rd How To or publish the full source code? Also can you tell me when I can read more about guides and examples like yours? Thanks

  2. HI rado

    Ive moved the blog to here where Ive updated the 3rd part of this series here

    Do feel free to send me your current script and Ill have a quick look and see if |I can help out at all

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