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Hi, I’m Rob

I’ve had this unhealthy interest in all things search for a few years now and have picked up a thing or 2 along the way.

I first started in web design back in 1995 when i picked up a book on HTML and thought..hmmn what is all this about I wonder. I took on my first paid gig in 1998 since then Ive designed and built a number of different websites in various sectors and have worked on a variety of different projects in an SEO capacity. I can work with any website in any market, in any web scripting language. My strengths are in HTML, PHP, MySQL and Java-script although I also have a good understanding of ASP too.

I have built a number of web applications and sites in a variety of market segments. Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Technology, Pharmaceutical and Gaming are just a few of the areas I’ve worked in.

My knowledge of SEO and search engines is extensive, built up over a number of years participating in search engine related forums. I have moderated at a number of well known SEO forums too and participated in a whole host of others.

Are you in need of an SEO Consultation?

Are you kinda perplexed as to what to do with your website? Are you confused by the myriad of disinformation out there? Would you like to get a quick overview of where your site is within the search engines, without paying fortunes for the privilege?

I’ve decided to make myself available for seo consulting and projects. I can be contacted via the method outlined below.

You can talk to me in realtime via instant messaging and get valuable feedback for your website. I will provide you a summary report of our discussion highlighting the key areas for progress/attention.

I charge just £100-00 per hour or part thereof for my time . Just send me an email telling me what you require and I will look at your site and give you the benefit of my experience.

This gives you exclusive access to the information contained within my head.

You can order SEO consulting time from me, in 1 hour blocks by sending an email to watts_rob(at) hotmail.com. Please read the instructions below for more information on how to contact me and purchase this service.

No expensive contracts | No Gimmicks | Just frank professional advice on your website.


Your contact email

+++++It is important that you follow these instructions.++++++

Seo Consulting email requirements

The subject line of your email should contain the words “SEO Consulting” I will use this to filter your email to the correct location.

Please specify your website address, the nature of your problem (if you have one), as well as your full name and telephone number.

Please provide me with a list of your desired target keywords 10 maximum

Please also supply me with a list of dates and times that you will be available.

Whilst for recording purposes, I prefer to do things via instant messaging, i can also, if you prefer take SEO telephone consultations too, please specify that you’d prefer this in your mail.

I will by return, provide you with a link for payment.

Please understand that you are paying for my time and knowledge, it is in your best interests to follow the instructions outlined in these email requirements. Keep your initial email brief and to the point.

Project Quotations

If you don’t require consultation services and are just looking for a price on a job you have in mind then I will be happy to quote for you. Again, my time is money, if I quote for you, it will be a comprehensive evaluation of what I can offer to you. I don’t like putting my time and effort into people who are more intent on kicking tyres than anything else.

I will therefore, charge to quote you, but will deduct this fee from the price of any project. Please enter the words “Project Consultation” in the subject line of your email.

Again, I will by return provide you a link for payment. once this is processed I will prepare the quotation, usually within 72 hours of payment receipt.

Thanks 🙂

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