Moving this blog

I’m moving this blog to here I’ll be turning off comments soon on existing posts and leaving a link to the new location.

After a week or so, I’ll just delete the domain.

Its kinda sucky that I can’t just 301 everything with a little dose of redirection but hey, I can’t complain really.

If anybody knows a quick and easy way using these free WP subdomains, I’d be obliged.

Cheers 🙂

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  1. Hey Rob,
    I am sure you have researched everything, but here are a few links that may give you some additional info:

    Moving is a pain and I hope you do alright with it. I know that the WordPress forum will help out as much as possible too (

    HTH – anthony

  2. Thanks for those Anthony.

    I did actually email support regarding setting up a redirect from this domain to my new location here, but they don’t support it.

    I basically exported the database via the WP export option in the control panel, which gives you a file of posts and comments in an xml file which you can then re-import at the new address.

    Its worked out pretty ok thus far.

    Im gonna leave this up for a week or so then close comments and place links to the new location. The alternative would be to just delete the subdomain from here, but as i said in my mini rant here

    I could just delete it too, alas the seo in me just cringes at the resultant loss of link love. Not to mention my huge army of feedburner subscribers, a whole 3 in number 😉 oh, and search engine visitors looking for Dirk fuckin Benedict!Mustn’t forget those eh.


    Ha! Help, Im quoting myself here!


  3. I would have thought it would be easy to mirror your BCUK site here. WordPress is much more user friendly than bcuk.

  4. Steph, I’m probably going to move it at some point, but prolly under a new url.

    There be value in old urls….

  5. Yeah I see that. I was going to use wordpress on my own domain but I’m liking the free wordpress website. I still visit bcuk but I find it’s still a hassle to navigate. They’ve asked me to come back a couple of times but I won’t, even with the free pro membership.

    I thinking about selling advertising space in my side bar – is that allowed here?

  6. In short Steph, no.

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